Goodbye Croatia, hello Prague

I haven’t posted in a while. Partly because I’ve been busy, but also because my husband has very gently reminded me I am actually on my honeymoon 😂 got to relax and enjoy it!

Croatia was utterly fascinating. I won’t go into all of the details here, that’s for a longer post for another time, but I loved it. I now have a tan and a lot more jewellery than when I arrived. I bought this t-shirt before we left, it’s a joke about the local dish cevapi (which is delicious by the way).


Turns out wearing it through the airport was an (accidentally)  inspired idea. The Croatians all found it so funny. We got great seats on the plane, we were let off being three kilos over and even the passport officials smiled.

We landed in Prague in the afternoon and headed straight to our hotel.

Prague is a stunningly beautiful city. It is bang in the centre of Europe, so it’s a bustling mix of people going to and from everywhere. But it’s worth stopping here for a while in its own right


It is lovely to be in a comfortable environment with no need to worry about cleaning (or anything, for that matter).


It is called Motel One and it’s part of a chain. I stayed in another of their hotels in Vienna and it was absolutely wonderful so I booked it again here. Highly recommend them.

We settled in, freshened up a bit then went to U Zlateno Tygra, a really atmospheric pub here. It’s where the president Vaclav Havel brought Bill Clinton for a pint in 1994. Pic is blurry but you get the idea.


They have great beer mats, I obviously had to nick one.


We passed the famous mechanical clock and watched it do its thing.


You pick up on references to the communist past here immediately, in the buildings, trams, and sometimes more explicitly…


This is a good example of communist architecture. It is the Czech People’s Bank.


We went for dinner at Cafe Imperial.


It is a great example of the ‘grand cafes’ you find in this part of the world, with wonderful service and delicious food.

We started with a glass of the local bubbly, called Chateau Radyne. As good as any champagne I’d say. Dan got this spectacular photo of me drinking my glass. I wasn’t pissed. I promise 😂


To eat, we had soup (onion for Dan, chicken in broth for me). Then cucumber salad, schnitzel and a delicious prawn and avocado tian. We shared some strudel after. It was all absolutely fantastic and we’re already planning to go back before we leave.

To finish, let me tell you: Czechs love beer. It’s one of the biggest beer drinking nations in the world. They have a beer spa here. I don’t think the woman is included.


If you need any more evidence just see below. They literally put beer on a pedestal.



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